Diane rang me about Frank’s deteriorating behaviour towards other dogs and also his increasingly worrying chase behaviour towards joggers, cyclists and even small children.

Diane’s confidence was shot to pieces and on our first meeting, she became emotional about the thought of possibly having to take a drastic decision with Frank. This was a case where I had to rebuild the confidence of the owner as much as the dog and Diane is much happier now as you can tell be her words below:-

"I call it ‘My Incredible Journey’! After having many
family dogs the time had come for me to ‘pick my own’. For the past 14 years
we had a wonderful English springer spaniel who was going to be more a less
irreplaceable. I wanted something totally different and that is what I got!
Frank, an 8 week old dark apricot standard poodle. He settled well at home,
we are always out and about so he was well socialised. Then at about 8
months old Frank started to show aggression towards other dogs approaching
him when he was on a lead.

This was made doubly difficult as when
off lead he would chase anything that moved with a passion for cyclists and
joggers! I tried puppy classes where Frank was quick to learn obedience but
because of his aggression on lead we were unable to continue. My confidence
was fast disappearing and therefore so was Franks. I had managed to work out
that Frank’s aggression was born out of fear but I was at a loss as what to
do, our walks became something I dreaded. At this point of desperation I
felt both Frank and myself had both lost our way, however I was determined
not to give up on him. I searched the Internet and came across Peter’s

After reading Peter’s training methods something just felt
right, so the next day I gave him a call. Even after talking to Peter on the
phone I could already feel some of my confidence returning. Peter came out
and did an initial assessment, where I think it became very clear to him he
had Frank’s behaviours and mine to deal with! ….. I am happy to admit to
that. Peter recommended various changes which straight away gave me much
more control. He showed me how to switch Frank’s focus to me when on our
walks and before I knew it joggers and cyclists were becoming less
interesting and things certainly improved.

Over a period of time, we
have now re learnt how to enjoy our walks. I am now confident when Frank is
off lead he will either come back on recall or stop and wait. On lead he is
so much better due to his growing confidence and of course mine. Like any
journey we will always be travelling but at least now it’s in the right
direction and Frank never reacts with aggression to other dogs anymore.
Peter I thank you for your hard work, knowledge, patience and encouragement.
Undoubtedly you make a huge difference. I don’t know where the canine world
would be without you. I can’t thank you enough." Diane Von Blankenstein.