Stewart a local magistrate, contacted me with regard to problems he was having with his 18 month old male Rottweiler.

Kaiser was very stand-offish and fearful of strangers and was starting to show some dog aggression issues. He was also very boisterous and unwelcoming of strangers in the home.

Of course, you might think that a Rottweiler is simply doing his job in not welcoming strangers into the home, being one of the most effective of guarding breeds. However, when this behaviour becomes extremely territorial, it can become potentially dangerous especially when one combines this with an overall fear and distrust of strangers, which can lead to fear-biting, the most common of all dog bites.

On attending Stewart’s home, I saw Kaiser’s extreme behaviour at first hand as he leapt onto the back of a sofa close to the door when I entered the room. This placed the large, powerful Rottweiler at face level with me as he snarled and barked at me in a ferocious manner. I quickly removed him from the sofa, thereby reducing his elevated status and brought him under control. Stewart confirmed that this was normal behaviour for Kaiser whenever visitors called at the house and it was clear that this dog needed a status-reduction programme in the home, whilst also improving his confidence, if we were to minimise the potential of something serious happening.

Subsequent work involved a socialisation programme to improve his interactions with humans and dogs in public and obedience training to give Stewart more control, both on and off lead. Kaiser (and Stewart) were great students and massive improvements were made all-round. Kaiser was highly play-driven which made his obedience training very successful and he is now a credit to his owners and just as importantly, to the breed.

”Dear Peter, I write to thank-you so very much for your help with Kai. I am absolutely astonished at the results that your training package has delivered in such a short time. I can honestly say that I now have a different dog, his obedience is first class and I am so proud to show him off. He is so much calmer at home, loves people where before he was fearful and is now getting on well with other dogs he meets, as a result of all the hard work you did.”

“I mentioned to you that he used to treat the park outside my house as his own garden and would often plod off to do what he sees fit, with recall being very difficult. I spent an hour in the park with him last night and again tonight,and he is now incredible, I can drop him instantly into the down position from approx 60 yards away and think that this will continue to improve. On top of that I can hold him in the down position for even longer periods now. When we are out walking I only have to click my fingers and point to the floor and he just drops and stays. If I had not have seen it with my own eyes I could not have believed that you could have made such a difference to Kai so quickly. I will of course recommend you unreservedly to to anybody I talk to who has a doggy issue.” Stewart Fraser.

Further comment from Peter:-
Stewart’s pride in the results we have achieved together with Kai is clear and also totally justified. Being able to control ones dog at distance is not common amongst the general dog-owning public and is even more important in the major guarding breeds such as the Rottweiler. I always tell my clients who own the guarding breeds that they have an extra responsibility to demonstrate to the public that they have good control over their dogs and Stewart is certainly doing that with Kaiser. Well done!