Sometimes, when people only have experience of older dogs, which perhaps they have rescued, nothing prepares them for the different challenges when they eventually acquire their first puppy.

So it proved when Faye and Andy Rowan got Loki, a Gsd x Husky male who quickly grew into a large, challenging young dog who was getting the better of them both in the home and outdoors. Jayne came to the rescue as Faye recalls here:-

"We decided to get Loki after our previous GSD cross passed away. As our previous dog was rescued as an adult, we had no real experience of dealing with puppies and Loki’s stubborness and mouthing behaviour, particularly when he wanted to play with our son Cameron aged 10, were becoming a big problem. Loki also tended to become temporarily deaf when around other dogs, playing very boisterously and tending to upset many that he met.

After working with Jayne of Ashclyst Dog Training in Exeter, he has been a completely different dog. She explained various methods of interrupting his problem behaviour and reinforcing his desirable behaviour, as well as focusing Loki’s prey instincts away from our son and more into his tennis ball, which we now use as his reward method. Whilst there is still work to do with Loki around other dogs, we feel that we have far more control of him than we used to. Jayne has also been very helpful and able to answer our other queries about Loki’s health and nutrition and was even available to support us on the telephone when an issue arose whilst away on holiday.

Loki has been transformed from being a little nightmare (actually quite a big nightmare!) into a dog we are proud to take anywhere without worrying about him misbehaving. We would definitely recommend Ashclyst Dog Training to anyone having difficulty with their dog’s behaviour and if we ever get another puppy, we will definitely be contacting them again."