Bev and Paul contacted me to help with their 3-year-old male Patterdale, who as well as suffering from separation anxiety was also showing aggression to other dogs and livestock.

I visited them at their home (please see my blog about the importance of home visits and don’t employ a behaviourist who declines to do so.)

I saw his problems first-hand, including his extreme on-lead aggression towards my own stooge dog and one of their friend’s dogs and put into place a leadership programme to bring about some status-reduction whilst improving his confidence and a few weeks later his behaviour was massively improved as Bev and Paul confirm below:-

”We re-homed Merlot via the RSPCA in January 2012 and following a traumatic few months we decided to get professional help with his behavioural issues. Merlot would show aggression to other dogs, cattle and horses whilst out walking. He would growl ferociously and lunge forward at them showing his teeth. Whilst at home Merlot would constantly bark for attention and disobey commands on a regular basis. He was also quite distressed whenever he was left at home alone for short periods.”
 “Having decided that we needed professional help, Peter was our first choice as we were impressed by his website and our initial contact with him on the telephone. Meeting Peter was a Godsend! On the first session we had arranged for a friend to bring his new puppy to our house so that Peter could see Merlot in action. Peter took the lead and met the puppy outside our house. Within minutes Peter had Merlot sitting next to the puppy without making a sound – we could not believe it!”

“Peter devised a leadership programme for us to follow and although it has been a little challenging at times it has been very effective. We met Peter on several occasions and each time he helped us to use his methods in helping Merlot. Now several months later, he has the occasional grumble when meeting other dogs, but without the intensity and we now feel in control and able to handle these rare situations.

Merlot is more obedient at home and overall he is much more settled and calm now that we have been able to show him that we are in control and able to protect him and he does not get distressed when we leave him. We would recommend Peter and his professional services to anyone who is experiencing behavioural problems with their dog. He really has made a difference! Thank you Peter.” Beverley & Paul Kelly, Torquay, Devon.