Jayne dealt with this one, a chocolate Labrador who was lunging, snapping and barking at other dogs, causing great embarrassment and anxiety to her owners.

Jayne showed that even mature dogs can be rehabilitated, as her delighted owners testify here:-

"Our 6 year old cholcolate labrador, Mollie had started
barking and lungeing at other dogs when out on walks. We were beginning to
find walks stressful and avoiding other dogs at all costs due to the

Jayne came to our home to assess the situation and
devised a way of letting Mollie know that she is not the leader of the pack!
We had an action plan which we followed and amazingly the behaviour subsided
really quickly. On walks, where we were previously apprehensive and avoiding
other dogs, we are now purposeful and in charge and able to prevent unwanted
behaviour before it starts.

After only 3 weeks we can walk anywhere
with any number of off lead dogs around and Mollie stays calm. Jayne helped
us see that we can change our behaviour to control the dog- simple really! A
big thank you to Jayne".