Denise rang me about her Rottweiler’s aggression towards other dogs, which was causing her lots of stress in the built up part of Plymouth where she lives.

River had had bad luck with injuries, needing two cruciate repairs quite early on in her life and of course the rehabilitation for these injuries is not exactly conducive to good socialisation.

Denise was avoiding walks where there might be other dogs (not easy in Plymouth), going out early in the morning and late at night etc. but she knew something had to be done, which is where I came in.

Some initial work by me, followed up with some continuation work by my wife Jayne soon had River behaving much better and drastically improved Denise’s confidence:-

"My 3 year old Rottweiler, River’s growing aggression towards other dogs was becoming very unpredictable, from playing normally to then becoming very rough with smaller or more timid dogs and on two separate occasions actually nipping dogs (thankfully not hurting either) this lead me to start avoiding letting her off lead as much and to avoid other dogs, she would then start to rear up ferociously on her back legs to get at other dogs out of frustration, as Peter explained it to me.

I had already tried puppy classes which just encouraged stuffing her with treats (which has no effect when she is wound up) moved on to another dog training class but again she just went backwards in her obedience. I started to worry that I had a very aggressive dog on my hands and this is when I contacted Peter.

After my initial consultation and follow up sessions with Peter, things began to improve immediately, he has given me back my confidence with her and we are all enjoying walking with her and rather than avoiding dogs we now try to meet as many calm, friendly dogs as possible. River’s frustration aggression has virtually gone, I still get slightly apprehensive when she is in open spaces playing with other dogs that she will become too full on!

Jayne has been a great help with this in her group work, which has made me and River much more relaxed.

Thank you Peter & Jayne for your support and brilliant training.”