Aileen and Grenville of Torquay, contacted me about their 4-year-old Dobermann bitch, Roxy’s aggression problems.

She was particularly aggressive to smaller breeds and they had resorted to putting a muzzle on her in public, due to her increasingly worrying behaviour.

Grenville had been pulled over by her, causing injury and Aileen was about to undergo hip replacement surgery, so certainly could not risk walking her.

Her pulling on the lead was totally unacceptable, as of course was her aggression to other dogs and a home visit and series of environmental sessions brought about significant changes.

"Peter was recommended to us when we were having problems with Roxy. Walks were becoming less and less enjoyable and we were always on the lookout for other dogs, usually small breeds. A muzzle was the answer for a short while until we started sessions with Peter. His calm influence on Roxy and ourselves soon had an amazing effect, as you suddenly realize that you are dealing with trouble in a calm, controlled manner. We now have a dog which we can take anywhere without worries. We took her to Widdecombe Fayre and anybody that has been to this famous fayre will know that the .
number of dogs there is unbelievable, but Roxy’s behaviour was impeccable."

"Before the training sessions with Peter, the thought of doing such things was just out of the question, but now we look forward to it. Whilst we were both unable to walk her for about a week due to joint problems, a kindly neighbour and his partner helped us out and they enjoyed the experience, stating how impressed they were with this well-behaved dog.Thankyou to Peter and also his wife Jayne for all your help."
Aileen & Grenville Oxenham.

Aileen has also posted a further update, several months later which clearly shows that Roxy’s behavioural improvements have been permanent.

"Wishing you and Jayne a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Roxy is still a totally changed dog these days and will happily play with other dogs, even those which come up to her barking or yapping. Recently, a pup of 5 months did so, which would have filled us with dread before we saw you. Roxy had a lovely time playing with her, You have certainly worked a miracle for which we are really thankful. My hip-op has been a total success, much to Roxy’s delight!”"Aileen