Off to rural Dorset to visit Ian and Trisha who had been experiencing problems with their young dog who had become aggressive following an incident at dog day care, where he had been attacked by another dog.

He had himself become increasingly aggressive towards other dogs, always a problem in a small village location, where everyone knows everyone else and it is very easy for a dog to get a very bad reputation. Sacha was also prone to chasing livestock and Ian was struggling with control issues. Following my visit and some environmental sessions where we worked hard on his interaction with other dogs and his control work, we had a completely changed dog, as Ian himself states:-

“Like all GREAT dog trainers, Peter trains the owners as much as, if not more than the dog!

My wife and I realised we needed to up our game with Sacha, before one or all of us, got into trouble. Sacha was mistrusting and sometimes aggressive towards other dogs, very defensive of me and bonkers off the lead as well as on it. I had read more dog training books than you could throw a stick at, attended courses etc. but none of them brought me much progress. Sacha wasn’t too bothered for treats, no matter how tasty!” (Very few aggressive dogs are, no matter what you might read or see on tv! – Peter)


"Peter helped us understand the dynamics of Sacha’s behaviour and empowered us by dramatically improving our leadership standards. Since we started work with Peter, we have gone from strength to strength.

Sacha is now a completely different dog, we still have a great relationship but he now listens to us and knows his position in our domestic environment. Peter is a really nice guy to work with and he knows his stuff! I highly recommend him to anyone who is having issues with their dog, or who just wants to take their training ability to the next level. If you want pragmatic solutions for your dog, rather than hot air and questionable theory……….look no further!"

Ian and Trisha Mcgarry