Andrea rang me for urgent help with Tigi, a nine year old Jack Russell with severe separation anxiety. Andrea and her partner Hayden had got her from rescue some four years previously, but a major change of circumstance had brought about this serious behavioural problem.
Tigi had always been a somewhat anxious little dog and over the years had rarely been left alone, as Hayden was terminally ill and rarely if ever, left the home. Tigi also slept in their bedroom which meant that she had been used to 24 hours per day human contact, which is rarely good for any dog. The sad death of Andrea’s partner brought about sudden and drastic change in Andrea and Tigi’s lives. Clearly, Andrea had to try to live a normal life which would entail going out of the home without her, but Tigi would howl and bark constantly which was starting to annoy the neighbours, who had so far been very patient.

Andrea had previously consulted a behaviourist who advised that any results from her food-related rehabilitation method, would take weeks, possibly months to achieve – all very well, but what about the potential for noise complaints? The early signs were not good and Andrea took the decision to contact me. Following my visit, results were virtually immediate and Tigi has become more and more confident when being left. A delighted Andrea had this to say:-

"Tigi, my nine year old Jack Russell, is a rescue dog who has been with us for four years. Until my partner died recently, she had never spent any of this time alone and consequently the changes and new routines hit her hard and separation anxiety became a huge, very noisy and distressing problem.

Peter was the second behaviourist I approached for help. The food-reward methods of the first were taking far too long to show any improvement whatsoever, with no guarantee of success and a lot of unhappy neighbours. I needed quick results and with Peter I got them.

After a three hour visit at home, Peter had set Tigi on a new road to recovery and within one day she was sleeping on her own all night and I was able to leave her alone in the house for short periods without any noise. After only three weeks, she now sleeps on her own all night without a sound. During the day, I can leave her alone in the house for two hours or more and this is gradually increasing each week. Nobody can believe it possible, myself included and especially in such a short time, but seeing (and hearing) is believing.

Result – happy neighbours, happy dog and a very happy and grateful owner."Andrea Bolton.