ISAAC had been acquired by his owners from a prominent rescue agency at 2 years old. There was no previous history for him as he had been found as a stray.

It quickly became apparent that this dog was a bit of a whirl-wind in the house and he became destructive with a particular interest in soft furnishings in the lounge! He would mouth his owners hands
during his periods of misbehaviour and they were getting to the point where sending him back to the rescue organisation was a clear consideration.

Washing hanging on the rotary clothes line was of particular interest to him, with the owners work shirts regularly ending up on the floor, torn and dirty!

On assessing him, I felt that his complete diet might be a contributory factor and recommended a return to natural food (this is a first-stop for all dogs with hyper-active behavioural traits in my opinion – another free tip!!).
Minced chicken and tripe with blended vegetables and rice is a perfectly good diet for all dogs and is not full of preservatives, natural or otherwise which can cause major issues with dogs, just as E numbers can with our children!

I was able to demonstrate to his owners that his boisterous behaviour had to be interuppted and that he needed to be given clear rules, boundaries and limits so that he could respect them, which he clearly did not do at the outset. Some basic obedience followed, with further sessions planned and his owners felt the immediate change had been remarkable. They informed me that they had previously employed a trainer – the quick fix type I mentioned earlier – he performed a few tricks, took his money and left, never to be seen again.

“We were disillusioned following the visit by that first trainer. We were never shown what we were doing wrong. The trainer just performed a few tricks and left. Peter not only showed us how he could control Isaac, he showed us how to do it as well and corrected our mistakes. Isaac has never been as calm as this and we feel confident that he is going to get better and better.

The day after Peter’s first visit, I felt as if a massive weight had been lifted from me. I had been at my wits end, almost in tears most days and the following day I went to work with a spring in my step. My work colleagues knew a trainer had been visiting and they said that as soon as they saw me, they knew it must have been a success, because I looked so happy.

We went to our dog club the following evening and the trainers there remarked on the transformation in Isaac. They couldn’t believe it was the same dog.

On our second session with Peter, following a short refresher indoors, we went to a local park and did obedience. On the way there, Isaac’s heel work was really good and for the first time since we have owned him, he paid no attention to a jogger running by. He normally gets over-excited when he sees them. Isaac then did sit-stays almost perfectly and also some twenty five metre recalls, which I was amazed by. I thought this dog may have to go back to the Rescue centre, but with Peter’s help, I now know this won’t be neccessary. He is a completely different dog already. It’s absolutely amazing”.Sara and Bob.

Isaac took to his training programme well although progress was occasionally hampered by an inconsistent approach in a busy household. Sara was fairly consistent but Bob would occasionally turn a blind eye to Isaac’s crafty creeping up onto the furniture and would not always stop him from jumping up when he came in from work.

Isaac was never going to become an obedience champion, but the main aim of his training course was to change him from a manic, hyper-active ball of activity, into a dog that his owners could actually live with. By the end of his training, he was a much more balanced dog and a potential one way ticket back to rescue had been avoided which was very rewarding for me.

“Many thanks for all the hard work in teaching both us and Isaac. If it hadn’t been for your services, both Bob and myself would have had to make the drastic decision to take Isaac back to  (rescue home), as we were coming to the end of our tether.

You coming to teach not just the dog, but us as well the rights and wrongs has now given us our lives back and a happy almost organised household!I will be recommending you to other dog owners and I hope
to see you next month for a refresher session.
Many thanks again”,

Sarah and