Liz rang me virtually at her wits end about her 4 month old Labrador puppy, Jasper.
His highly boisterous and over exciteable behaviour had led to him being banished outside on occasions, where he would bark incessantly.

Jasper This had led to a complaint by a neighbour to the local council’s environmental department dog warden and Liz had received a warning letter about the noise.

On attending to assess Jasper, it was immediately apparent that he was quite an intelligent, highly driven young dog who wasn’t getting enough stimulation in his young life.

Liz was a busy mum who was finding it difficult to cope with Jasper, particularly around her two young

He would jump up and play-mouth excessively, leading to him being banished outside. This was leading to more frustration for Jasper and so the vicious circle continued.

Warning letters from the council have to be taken seriously and Liz had done exactly the right thing in consulting a professional. Liz and her husband were given techniques to ensure that they
were the pack-leaders in their own home and that Jasper respected them as such.

Interruption techniques were demonstrated to stop Jasper’s hyper-activity and of course his exercise and play programme was addressed. Correct use of the collar and lead were demonstrated and immediate improvements were made.

Jasper is of course only a young, playful puppy and there is no way we would want to take all the fun out
of his life by over-bearing control methods. However, he does need to abide by Liz and her husband’s rules, boundaries and limitations in their home, with two young children to be concerned about.
A detailed action plan was devised in order to do that, and I spoke to a delighted Liz the following day.

“It’s been fantastic. Jasper is a completely different dog. He is now really calm and paying attention to me and is much calmer around the girls, with no jumping up. He has hardly barked at all and
the interruption technique you showed me has worked perfectly.
I seriously can’t believe what a difference 24 hours has made.
Thankyou so much.” Liz.