Stephen Fisher a native of Philadelphia USA sought Jayne’s help with Max his rescue Rottweiler. Sadly for Jayne, Stephen and his wife Catherine had moved to the UK with Max, so this did not entail a visit to Philadelphia, although I’m sure she would have been delighted to go!

Max had been a street dog in Philadelphia and had ended up in the local dog pound. He had been accustomed to having to fend for himself and had some of the scars to prove it. Stephen and his wife had given him a loving home but on coming to the UK, he had continued to find life difficult in dealing with other dogs up close and personal, but following some work with Jayne, Stephen had a different dog:-
“Our dog Max was aggressive towards other dogs while on lead. Over the years we worked with various dog trainers but to no avail. As Max’s aggression worsened, walks ended up stressful exercises in avoiding other dogs. We reached out to Jayne without much hope for change but knew we needed to keep trying to resolve his aggressions. Within minutes of working with Max, Jayne had him walking calmly with another large dog around a park. With coaching from Jayne we were soon also able to walk him calmly and confidently past other dogs. Walks are now enjoyable activities and he’s so much better controlled that we can even walk him without the lead, which again is something we never thought possible. Over the years and across multiple dogs we’ve worked with many dog trainers. We’ve never seen one so artfully, quickly and non-aggressively resolve dog aggressions. Thanks so much for all your help Jayne.”