Ron and his wife Mary had owned these dogs for a few weeks, having acquired them from a large GSD rescue
organisation. They had never intended to have two dogs, but on visiting the shelter they fell in love with Bobby and Zara who came as a pair, having been given up by their owners following a marital break-up.
Bobby & Zara

Ron and Mary quickly discovered that neither dog had been trained to walk properly on the lead and both were aggressive to other dogs encountered on their walks.

Off-lead work was virtually impossible due to the lack of any response to recall. Ron and Mary wanted to be able to enjoy their dogs rather than endure them, so I attended to assess them.

Whilst Ron and Mary had two dogs who had clearly not been well-socialised, they were fortunate that their behaviour in the home was pretty good.

They weren’t over boisterous and pretty much did as they were asked, but it was important to put in a programme of enhanced human leadership, which obviously begins at home.

Ron and Mary embraced this with total committment and they quickly understood the need for a structured set of rules, boundaries and limitations for the dogs to follow.

The dogs were individually introduced to one of my Rottweilers on a ‘walk’ in the street outside and I witnessed first-hand the level of aggression shown by both of them. It was quite clear that this
aggression was more fear than dominance, from two dogs who clearly had not been given the opportunity to socialise with other dogs in their previous life.

This aggression was quickly interrupted by tried and tested methods and both dogs were walked quietly and without aggression alongside my Rottweiler. Heel-work was then addressed and both dogs were extremely responsive to correct technique and positive reinforcement, so that within minutes they were walking beautifully.

Ron and Mary were clearly impressed and were given a detailed action plan to establish their position as pack-leaders, with further training sessions to follow.

There’s been an immediate change in both dogs. They have been calmer in the house and the lead-work has improved no end. Zara didnt show aggression to other dogs on her walk this morning and whilst Bobby did bark at another dog, it was over and done with very quickly and we feel confident that he is well on the way to becoming a much more sociable dog.

We have a GSD rescue show to go to soon, and we feel confident that Bobby and Zara will be a credit to us, now that you have shown us how to get the best out of them.” Ron.

A mere three weeks after first meeting these two dogs and their caring new owners, the aggression issues have vanished. We are now working on their general obedience to continue the improvements already made. Such a rewarding outcome for myself, but most of all the dogs,  Ron and

“We went to the GSD rescue show and had a fantastic day. Bobby and Zara behaved really well in amongst over a hundred other dogs and one of the main people told us they were a real credit to us.
Zara came third in a class of thirty odd for best looking female and Bobby came fifth in his class. The change in them since that first Saturday you came to our house is

My wife is the unofficial Chairwoman of your fan club! She can’t stop singing your praises!” Ron.