Dog Walking

“You Work, We Walk”

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In addition to her puppy training and behavioural work for Ashclyst, Jayne continues with her dog-walking service for clients in the Exeter area. Jayne provides a service which we believe is unique in the area, in that clients’ dogs not only have a stimulating walk, but also receive some basic training at the same time, at no extra charge.

L to R. Molly, Woody, Parsnip, Diesel & Kane doing some obedience during their walk with Jayne


 Jayne is a life-long dog lover and has been heavily involved in canine and animal welfare for much of her working life. A farmer’s daughter, she was previously employed as an Animal Collections and Welfare Officer with the RSPCA and has worked for Animals in Distress and other rescue kennels. Jayne has attended dog behaviour and training courses with John Rogerson and of course myself and continues to enhance her knowledge and practical skills when assisting me with client’s dogs.

Jayne has been a dog-walker for many years now, always building a close relationship with clients’ dogs and keeping owners fully informed on what their dogs are doing on a regular basis, with photographs and updates on how well they integrate with the group. She uses all of her experience, including her ability as a dog-trainer to ensure that all of her clients dogs get the maximum stimulus from their walk. Owners can feel confident at a time when some dog-walkers in this rapid growth area, have little or no canine experience, that their dogs are in safe, reliable and experienced hands. Dogs are transported in Jayne’s purpose-built dog van, ensuring they are safe and secure and also that more sensitive dogs can be kept separate from the livelier dogs if needs be. Walks are generally group walks of an hours duration, so your dog will be away from home for between 2-3 hours when pick-up and drop-off is included.

At home, Jayne cares for our Rottweilers and Retrievers and is of course heavily involved in their on-going training. She is equally at home with large and small breeds and dogs always seem to fall in love with her. She has great inter-personal skills, which help put clients at their ease, often at times of great stress with their dogs, particularly if they have had behavioural problems.

Jayne uses various locations around Exeter to walk her client’s dogs and always includes some basic obedience training to make the walk more stimulating and fun for them. She has become a popular sight at various Exeter parks, where her client’s dogs can often be seen conducting long distance recalls from the down-stay, much to the amazement of other dog-walkers and to the delight of their owners when they receive photographs!!

Jayne, who is fully insured occasionally has dog-walking spaces available. Her rates are competitive, so if you live in the Exeter area and you want your dog to get sociable walks with other dogs, together with some training (at no extra charge), you can contact her on
07759 861650 or 01392 811727.

Your dogs will be collected from your home address at a pre-agreed time and returned after their walk, clean and dry, to sleep the rest of the day following their exertions, to await your return home from work etc.


“Jayne has such a natural easy manner with dogs and they have a great deal of love and respect for her. Jayne also has a natural easy manner with people too and I always feel very comfortable and relaxed in her company. Ozzy and Kaiser (Gsd & Rottweiler) are always so excited to see her and I know Jayne is always happy to see them. I very much admire Jayne for her natural ability with dogs and have learnt a lot from her. So have the dogs!” TRACEY GOODMAN.

“Jayne has worked with Woody (Labrador) since he was a few months old. From the beginning, she not only exercised him, but also developed his obedience and particularly his recall during his daily walks. This has massively contributed to our confidence when we are out and about with Woody. Jayne regularly sends us pictures and updates from his walks and always endeavours to accommodate last-minute requests for walks. Woody, who is now three years old always comes home satisfyingly tired – always a good sign of a great walk.

“We have no hesitation in recommending Jayne as a dog-walker and we are sure Woody feels the same!!” EMMA & OLLIE WALTERS

“Firstly and most importantly, Diesel absolutely adores Jayne and I truly believe that the feeling is mutual. Jayne is not only great with dogs, but people too. She is always on-time, 100% trustworthy and has never let us down. We would recommend her to everyone, although not too many please otherwise we will not be able to book Diesel in for his walks! We truly could not manage without her.”

“Jayne is fantastic. She has walked Roo since he was a puppy. She
really cares about him and he loves her. I haven’t had a missed walk in
three years and she gives me reassuring advice if there is something not
right with him.” EMMA WOODCOCK

“George absolutely loves walking with Jayne. She has been brilliant
with him and his recall has improved dramatically. Over the past year, she
has developed an understanding of his needs and the health issues he has
faced. George adores Jayne and the training she does on her walks and we
also have developed a great rapport with her. She lets us know what George
has been up to, is happy to advise us when asked and genuinely cares for our
George. We couldn’t ask for a better carer for our dog.” CHARLOTTE HAWKINS

“Kane has always been an energetic dog and going on Jayne’s group walks has enabled him to become better socialised. Jayne always combines the walks with some training and as a result, his recall has improved tremendously with Jayne’s knowledge and skills and I would definitely recommend her as both a dog walker and trainer. She is very knowledgeable, trusted and reliable and is absolutely brilliant with dogs. I am extremely pleased with the service she provides. I cannot recommend Jayne highly enough.”

“Jayne has been a life-line whilst I have been looking after our new baby. She can always fit in a walk for our dog Inzira at short notice, which has really helped, when the nights have been long and it’s raining outside. Inzira
always seems delighted to get out of the house for a couple of hours too!”