Our Dogs

We currently have four Rottweilers and a Golden Retriever who all play a part in our dog behavioural rehabilitation work. Peter has owned and bred Rottweilers since the late 1980’s prior to which he owned and bred German Shepherds, but as stated elsewhere we work with any size or breed of dog, using our own dogs as stooge dogs where appropriate.


In the above picture, the dogs are from L to R Tara, Callum and Robynne


Unfortunately, Callum and Robynne are no longer with us, both having succumbed to cancer at early ages. Both dogs played a key role with dog aggression cases and are sadly missed. Tara is still with us at age 11 and is our oldest-ever Rottweiler, being a breed that all too often fail to make it into double figures, as was sadly the case with Robynne and Callum. She is still occasionally involved in working with problem dogs, but despite her enthusiasm for the role she is now easing into a well-earned retirement.

Our current dogs are from L to R Rory, Otis, Tara, Jana & Rudi

Rudi at age 7 is our main stooge dog and most clients with an aggression case will meet him at some point in the rehabilitation of their dog. Peter and Rudi work together as a team, each having complete trust in the other. Rudi reads other dogs very well and sometimes where the subject dog’s body language might not be the easiest for Peter to read, Rudi always manages to provide lots of clues with his own body language.

Tara is now 11 and our oldest Rottweiler to date. Bred by Liz Dunhill of the famous Fantasa kennel, she was sired by the record show-winning  Rottweiler of all time in this country, Int. Ch. Rolex Rumour Has It by Fantasa. She never emulated her father’s show winning achievements, although she did qualify for Crufts several times. Where she has excelled is in her calm, unflappable temperament and although she is now easing into a well-earned retirement, she has played her role in the success of Ashclyst Dog Training & Behaviour.

Jana is just two and will be starting to do some work with dog behavioural cases soon. She has the calm, unflappable nature and strong character required in the role and will replace Tara in helping us work with dogs who only react to females.

Rory the Golden Retriever aged 8 years works with Jayne and her puppy clients and is bomb-proof even under the most boisterous of assaults by puppies who do not understand basic canine etiquette!

Otis is aged 18 weeks in this photo (Aug 2016) and of course it will be another two years before he can come to work with us. Like Jana, he was bred by our friends Stuart and Alison of Bamabel Rottweilers in Somerset from excellent German lines. We highly recommend them if you are looking for a Rottweiler puppy in the future.

Otis was by far the noisiest puppy I have ever owned when we first brought him home, but of course we went straight into the programme we recommend on our puppy advice page and he has settled down into the most affectionate and calm young puppy. He greets strangers and friends alike with respect and calmness and as you can see in the photo above, he has already started on his puppy obedience. We look forward to seeing how he matures.

All five dogs are in the down and under control – a regular theme of our work with clients’ behavioural issues with their dogs. As well as rehabilitating their problem behaviour, it is vital that the client has control of their dog whilst out in public. Of course, if we can’t do it with our own dogs, why should clients think we can achieve it with theirs?


If you are experiencing problems with your adult dog, have a puppy who is developing behavioural issues, or simply want to give it the best start in life you can do no better than contacting Peter and Jayne Mounsey at Ashclyst Dog Training & Behaviour.