About Peter & Jayne

About Peter Mounsey

  • Diploma (Distinction) Changing Dog Behaviour.
  • Ex-Police Dog Unit Commander
  • Consultant Dog Behaviourist for Ferne Animal Sanctuary and Cinnamon Trust
  • 30 Years Experience. Rottweiler & Gsd Specialist, but ALL breeds catered for.
  • One to One Consultations and Training in the Real World. No Classes.
  • No Electric Collars or Harsh Training Methods.

My first dogs were German Shepherds from Huesca, Eveleys and Gregrise lines. The first of these dogs was Max who was a wonderful dog and with him, I first got the dog training bug. I did some work with Linda Green in the Bournemouth area and also some visiting Police dog trainers.

The Gsd was a great breed to start my training experience with but after a number of years of ownership, breeding and exhibiting I became very interested in the Rottweiler in the late 1980’s. I actually got my first Rottweiler from the famous Poirot lines at a time when the breed was coming under severe pressure due to some high profile incidents of aggression.

The breed had gained some notoriety due in part to the way they were portrayed in the Omen film and the ‘Devil Dog’ nickname stuck for many years as a result. The responsible breeders weathered the storm and today the breed does not attract anyting like the same levels of adverse comment, although puppy registrations are vastly reduced on the breed’s hayday.

As you have seen elsewhere on this site, I still own Rottweilers although I do not get the time to breed anymore. My dogs play a key role as stooge dogs in my training and behaviour sessions, helping to show clients dogs with poor social skills, that actually interacting with other dogs can be a good experience.

My dogs are wonderful ambassadors for their breed, not only in the work they do but also in the way they behave in public. Control work is key for me and the sight of three or four Rottweilers all lying in the down, perhaps 100 yards or more away from their owner and then recalling immediately on command, never fails to impress other dog walkers.

I have owned maybe twenty Rottweilers over the years and all of them have been trained to the same high standard, which I suppose is an achievement in itself, given that not all Rottweilers are simple to train. Maybe I have been lucky! No, not really. Knowledge, expertise, experience and hard work have been the key. I have certainly owned some dogs which have presented a challenge, but what a rewarding experience it has been.

As well as breeding Rottweilers, I was also involved in the show world for many years, but again don’t have the time for this anymore. The relentless grind of travelling all over the country to stand in a show-ring with your dog in what is basically a beauty competion, can lose its allure and one does question the sanity of it all eventually.

At the breed club shows, it always seemed a little sad that virtually nobody watched the dogs in the obedience ring, whilst large crowds gathered around the beauty ring. Sad really, but I was as guilty of this as most.


Police Dog Section

I had long-harboured the desire to be a police dog-handler during my Police service, but foresook those ambitions for the promotion ladder. Eventually though, I was selected as commander of the Devon and Cornwall Police Dog Unit, in command of about fifty personnel, trainers and handlers, plus around seventy dogs which were predominantly German Shepherds with smaller numbers of specialist sniffer dogs, mainly Springers, Collies and Labradors.

This was a great job for any dog lover and trainer and I had the pleasure of working with many highly professional instructors and handlers (and a few idiots too). One of the former was Paul Glennon, a top quality dog handler and instructor and highly professional and trustworthy colleague. He still works with the dog unit to this day, running a very successful breeding and puppy scheme, which I first dreamed of during my time in charge, but undoubtedly Paul brought those dreams to fruition, following much early opposition and cynicism from Senior Officers and handlers alike.


Dog Training and Behaviour Work

Having completed my Police Service in 2005, I decided to put my extensive dog training and behaviour experience into helping other dog-lovers and started my own behavioural and training business and in the intervening years have worked with many dogs of all shapes and sizes, with all behavioural problems as can be seen on my CLIENT REVIEWS page.

To add to more than twenty years practical experience, I achieved a distinction in Changing Dog Behaviour, awarded by world-famous dog behaviourist and one of the founders of the Kennel Club Accredited Instructor Scheme, Peter Lewis. I was proud to be informed by Peter that I had achieved the highest marks ever awarded in the diploma and found it extremely useful in adding much valuable theoretical expertise to my practical skills and many years of study.

There are many behaviourists who lack practical hands-on experience which can only really be gained over a number of years of dog-ownership and training. Some of them rely too heavily on lots of impressive looking paper qualifications, but whilst talking the talk, they fail to walk the walk. Similarly, there are many highly experienced dog trainers who have done it all with their dogs, but don’t have the theoretical knowledge of why dogs do what they do. A good behaviourist will have a balance of both areas of expertise.

I definitely offer significant expertise in both fields and you can rest assured that when working with me, you will not only be educated in why your dog does what he does, there will also be lots of practical hands-on work, all in public spaces. I simply do not believe that working in private halls and fields replicates the real-world scenarios that are desperately needed in order to rehabilitate problem dogs. My job is to give you and your dog your confidence back with realistic, real-world training.


About Jayne Mounsey


  • Diploma (Distinction) ADBT.
  • Foundation in Dog Behaviour with John Rogerson
  • Ex-RSPCA/Animals in Distress
  • Over six years experience as a dog-walker and four years puppy training and behaviour.
  • One to One Consultations and Training in the Real World. No Classes.
  • No Electric Collars or Harsh Training Methods.


Jayne is a life-long dog lover and has been heavily involved in canine and animal welfare for much of her working life. A farmer’s daughter, she was previously employed as an Animal Collections and Welfare officer for the RSPCA in Southampton and Exeter and has also worked for Animals in Distresss and other rescue kennels.

Gaining her dog behavioural diploma with distinction, Jayne has also attended a foundation course in dog behaviour with the famous John Rogerson and also worked alongside myself in the real-world training environment before taking on responsibility for puppy training and behavioural work for Ashclyst.

Jayne has also been a dog-walker for many years now, a role which she still undertakes alongside her puppy training and behavioural work. She takes great pride in the service she provides to her dog-walking clients and their dogs.

She ensures that her dog-walks are far more than just a trudge around a local park and uses her training experience to give the dogs a stimulating walk, involving some obedience and retrieve work. Owners can feel confident at a time when some dog-walkers in this growth area have little or no canine experience, that their dogs are in safe, reliable hands.

As well as childhood experience with her family’s dogs, Jayne has owned a Labrador (Phoenix) who we lost in 2014  and still has a Golden Retriever Rory, who shares our home with our three Rottweilers Rudi, Tara and Jana.

If you are experiencing problems with your adult dog, have a puppy who is developing behavioural issues, or simply want to give it the best start in life you can do no better than contacting Peter and Jayne Mounsey at Ashclyst Dog Training & Behaviour.